About us

WHNZ is…

A not-for-profit incorporated charitable trust working to promote and preserve NZ Women’s History. The project was established in February 2020, and launched in March 2021 with the goal of creating a resource for women’s history that was accessible for everyone and highlighted women’s enormous contributions to our country.


  • About WHNZ
  • Our Values
  • Our Team

Our Values

We honour the Treaty of Wāitangi

How this looks in our work…

  • Including and valuing the perspectives of Māori women
  • By having Māori women record their own stories
  • Understanding the role of intersectionality in our history and now
  • By encouraging the use of te reo Māori in our work
We align ourselves with the LGBTQ+ community

How this looks in our work…

  • We welcome everyone
  • We do not align with TERF organisations. Trans women are women.
  • We include queer history in our work
  • We bring focus to how queer identities affect women and women’s history
We portray a fair and accurate history

How this looks in our work…

  • Acknowledging the good and bad in groups, people, and our history.
  • We aren’t here to write a victor’s history
  • We will hold ourselves accountable for any errors in our work and actions

Our Team

Our volunteers are who to thank for this project.

Thank you to our supporters and writers for getting us here. We have grown so much, from a small team of two to our new-found whānau of over 50 people. We can’t express how much your contributions and support have helped.

Ngā mihi nui,
Women’s History of New Zealand

If you are interested in volunteering, contributing, or have any pātai please reach out to us!

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