Womens History of New Zealand, or WHNZ is a not-for-profit incorporated charitable trust working to promote and preserve NZ Women’s History. A resource for women’s history that was highlights women’s enormous contributions to our country.

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The Birth of the Association of Women Artists

The Association of Women Artists (AWA) was a group born out of a multi-media exhibition called “Women in the Arts.” The group formed post the exhibition supported women artists in their careers and aspirations.

The Divorce Act of 1898 : Equality of Marriage Rights

The Divorce Act of 1898 was a part of the greater women’s equality movement, the Act stemming from campaigns and calls for equality in marriage, divorce and life. The Divorce Act made the grounds for divorce equal across both parties, making divorce more accessible for women in particular. Prior…

Biographies of Important women

Fran Wilde

Fran Wilde, distinguished politician, social campaigner, business advisor, and activist. The woman who introduced the Homosexual Law Reform Bill to Parliament

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Theories and symbolism

Consciousness Raising

Consciousness Raising: Safe Spaces or Backseat Feminism? How the 60’s brought forth a mass of groups that gave women safe spaces to share, discuss ideas, and…

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