Read about women’s history in New Zealand
From people, to protests, to theories and more!

The Birth of the Association of Women Artists

The Association of Women Artists (AWA) was a group born out of a multi-media exhibition called “Women in the Arts.” The group formed post the exhibition supported women artists in their careers and aspirations.

A Brief History of Abortion

Abortion has been a hotly contested issue by medical professionals, government officials, and the New Zealand public for over a hundred years. From the 1840s where abortion was outlawed entirely, to abortion anxiety post-WWI, to…

The Pink Triangle

The Pink Triangle was a publication focused on strengthening the gay liberation movement. It provided a platform for radical issues in New Zealand such as queer rights, Māori land rights, abortion, feminism and much more.

Yvette Williams

Yvette Williams, New Zealand’s first woman on the podium: Yvette’s journey from nationals champion to Olympic gold medalist.

Connie Purdue – Activist and “Anti-Feminist”

Communist to Catholic, Labour to National – how Connie’s later perspectives contrasted years of advocacy for equal rights. “I learned very early not to put up with things … you can change things.”

Consciousness Raising

Consciousness Raising: Safe Spaces or Backseat Feminism? How the 60’s brought forth a mass of groups that gave women safe spaces to share, discuss ideas, and express themselves.

Fran Wilde

Fran Wilde, distinguished politician, social campaigner, business advisor, and activist. The woman who introduced the Homosexual Law Reform Bill to Parliament

Elizabeth Yates

“I think women are quite as well able to legislate as men…” – Elizabeth Yates, the first female mayor in New Zealand. Paving the way to gender equality.

Camellia Flowers and The Battle of the Buttonholes

Two ideologies, two colours, one flower: how different Camellias represented opposite sides of the suffragette movement. The evergreen Camellia shrub was cultivated in parts of China and Japan before being transplanted via mercantile ships into…