Mele Lo

About Mele

My name is Mele Lo, and I am a proud NZ born Tongan. I am a recent BA/LLB graduate majoring in History and Pacific Studies. I am interested in women’s history because recognizing and learning about the achievements and experiences of women from all walks of life is crucial to understand how this impacts the development and opportunities for girls and young women today. My passion mainly lies in retelling the stories of Pasifika and Maori women in history. I chose to get involved with WHNZ because I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to develop and contribute my writing, research and analytical skills. Most importantly, I can make a difference in retelling important women stories which are often missing or have gaps in historical literature. I enjoy WHNZ because it is inspiring to be part of a collective that is passionate about sharing and uplifting the stories of women. This is also a platform to share the struggles and transformative accounts of unique and inspiring Pacific and Maori women in history and today.