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There are many ways to contribute to our cause at WHNZ. Here are some options to support us. We appreciate all support. Your interest means a lot to us.

If you want to learn more go to our About page, or reach out on our Contact Us page.

Why support us?

  • Supporting preservation of history
  • Supporting diverse perspectives on our history
  • Supporting women’s perspectives and representation within NZ history

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We are looking for volunteers passionate about history, writing or feminism. You will be helping write and record our history!

You only have to do as much as you can, so don’t feel pressured over the possible workload. It is online-based, so you can help from anywhere.
We cover anything and everything that affected women then, and affects women now… so basically all of New Zealand history.

The difference between us and other NZ history resources is the focus we draw to women’s roles in history.

There are many volunteer roles available. Such as in editorial, social media, administration and more.

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Women’s History of New Zealand


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Women’s History of New Zealand is an incorporated charitable trust. Our goal is to preserve and promote women’s history in New Zealand. Our current project is to create an online collective dedicated to documenting women’s history. Our collective includes various articles and resources about women’s history.

We are here asking today for help supporting the online collective and the work we do. Please donate and support our mission in preserving women’s history.

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Women’s History of New Zealand

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Womens History of New Zealand

Suggest Articles and Content

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If you have suggestions about us or what to cover you can send them to us. Some suggestions may be:

  • Wanting us to cover certain people, events and organizations.
  • Wanting to add information to certain articles.
  • Wanting us to change information.

We cover anything that meets the following criteria:

  • It affects or affected women.
  • It is to do with New Zealand.

This could include theories, photos, biographies, videos, art, science, politics, media, environmental issues and more. We reserve the right to refuse suggestions and we are not bound to address them immediately.

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Womens History of New Zealand