Tim McVicar

About Tim

Tim McVicar is a Te Tai Tokerau based content writer and researcher who has lived and worked in the Republic of Georgia, Sudan and Palestine. He holds an MA from Victoria University of Wellington and a Master of Teaching and Educational Leadership from the Mind lab. 

After returning to New Zealand in 2019 to work as a high school teacher he became aware of the lack of easily accessible historical information for young New Zealanders, particularly research that analysed New Zealand’s history from the perspectives of women and non-dominant cultural lenses. WHNZ is an essential service for young New Zealanders; he considers it a great honour to be writing for them. 

When he is not writing, he explores the remote wilderness of the Far North of New Zealand, experiments with obscure herbs and spices in pursuit of novel food concoctions and procrastinates about composing his first album.  

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/timmcvicar

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timaomcvicar/


His work

Camellia Flowers and The Battle of the Buttonholes

Two ideologies, two colours, one flower: how different Camellias represented opposite sides of the suffragette movement. The evergreen Camellia shrub was cultivated in parts of China and Japan before being transplanted via mercantile ships into the gardens of Europe. Greenfingered settlers brought the plant with them as they attempted to recreate the bright domestic gardens…

Connie Purdue – Activist and “Anti-Feminist”

Communist to Catholic, Labour to National – how Connie’s later perspectives contrasted years of advocacy for equal rights. “I learned very early not to put up with things … you can change things.”